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There is a story in every home.

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“Someone who does what he promises to do.” “Home sold on our terms, our time line and without repairs.” “Were great to work with and helped me tremendously through the process of selling my home.” These are but a few of the testimonials we’ve received that demonstrate how our company makes you a fair offer and then buys your San Diego home from you fast! With True Craft you get to make plans for your future and not worry about the hassles of selling your home.

True Craft is a terrific home sale solution, especially if your home needs updating or repairs. You don’t have to worry about investing money into your home to get it ready for sale. We buy your San Diego home in its present condition, and we take care of any updates before we resell it. What a relief for you – especially in situations where you have a strict timeline or you are settling an estate.

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